Our approach

Technology ignites the audit of the future represents the key elements of an organization's financial, business and operating model that CEOs and executives can pull on when designing and implementing strategy. The framework and approach can be applied at the corporate strategy level or within the portfolio at the business unit level With this way of thinking, we bring a powerful and pragmatic strategy framework that provides increased visibility and control through planning.

  1. Increase quality
    • Identify and target higher risk transactions and/or locations
    • Identify control failures more timely
    • Identify and mitigate reporting and internal control risks earlier
  2. Increase insights
    • Identify high-risk transactions
    • Obtain real-time insights and data visualizations
    • Deliver peer benchmarking
  3. Increase efficiency
    • Reduce demand on your resources for audit preparation
    • Automate time-intensive and manual processes
    • Enhance data access and quality
    • Positive assurance of controls and compliance
    • Audit approach allows us to better leverage data analytics reducing the extent of testing by other means